Local chocolate.
Global impact.

Avanaa handcrafted chocolates are made from bean-to-bar in Canada. Enjoy delicious chocolate and support hard-working cacao farmers from across the globe.

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Sourcing amazing cacao.

Cacao trees only grow in the tropics. We couldn't care less, because one of the best parts of our job is to travel the world to source the best cacao beans! Thanks to direct trade with exceptional little cacao farms, we can craft unique single origin chocolate and help to build a fair world.

Crafting epic chocolate.

Avanaa's craft is somewhat old school. We hand-sort every single cacao beans. We roast it in tiny batches. We grind it for days in our stone ground melangeur. We carefully wrap each tempered bars. All of this work to come up with the most delicious award-winning chocolate bars bursting with surprising flavors.

  • 70% dark chocolate bar sprinkled with fresh arabica coffee.…


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All of our products are handmade from the best natural ingredients, mainly from small organic farms. To honor the incredible cacao we are working with, our dark chocolate contains only two ingredients! At the end of the day, Avanaa’s recipe is utterly simple: outstanding ingredients, hard work and extra love.