The idea of Avanaa was born a few years ago on a trip to Mexico. Indeed, in Oaxaca City, we walked every day in front of tiny workshops crafting chocolate from cacao beans growing in the region. Stepping into one of these workshops, we realized how we knew absolutely nothing about chocolate making (even though we ate chocolate every single day). That's when we asked ourselves : "Making chocolate from cacao beans... why not in Montreal?"

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North. Northern.avanaa/avani in Inuktitut

To produce really delicious chocolate, one must first find outstanding cacao. This is why Cath quit her geologist job in the James Bay region to pursue her quest to find the best cacao plantations. She filled her backpack and left for one year to discover cacao plantations across the world: Indonesia, Honduras, Colombia, Peru, etc. She got to learn all the challenges facing little farms struggling to get their fair share from their outstanding cacao beans. Back in Montreal (with 23kg of Peruvian cacao hidden in her backpack), she starts to experiment with the cacao beans. Roasting, grinding, conching, tempering and all over again until everything in her apartment got soaked in cacao aromas. All this work so that you can experience the distinct flavors of single origin bean-to-bar chocolate right here in Montreal. To name her company, Cath paid tribute to Nunavut where she worked for many years: Avanaa means coming from the North in Inuktitut. Hopefully, no need to go to Iqaluit to taste our chocolate, visit us in Montreal. Gloire au cacao!


Unfortunately, Canada is not warm enough for cacao to grow on our northern lands! This is why we decided to import our cacaos from little farms and cooperatives from Central and South America. Every single step to transform the imported cacao into chocolate is done in our Villeray-based workshop. From sourcing the cacao to roasting the beans, we take great care in every step and that is how we can craft a really exquisite chocolate. Let's be honest, our chocolate will not change the world, but we work hard to promote direct trade with cacao farmers and sustainable agriculture. Anyhow, if we can make people happy with our bean-to-bar chocolates, that will be mission accomplished for us!


We opened the workshop just two years ago. Fair enough, we have not (yet) reached fame (outside our beloved Villeray neighbourhood). So if you are a media, help us make it happen and contact us. We love to share our passion for cacao and chocolate! Check out these links to learn more about us.


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