Brownie cookie


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Here’s our new brownie cookie with a special holiday stamp on it. This cookie is highly chocolatey with a nice mint icing on top of it.  Delicious and so pretty. In bonus you can hang it in your Christmas tree ;-).  This cookie will bring joy everywhere.

Happy holidays !!!

*This cookie is not plant-based


Hail to the bean!

Glorious cacao.

We hustle to find some of the best cacao in the world, but first and foremost we want to partner up with awesome farmers who fight to preserve the astonishing biodiversity of the tropics.
cacao et fermière

From bean to bar. Always.

We hand-sort every single cacao beans. We roast it in tiny batches. We grind it for days in our stone ground melangeur. It is somewhat old school, but great chocolate comes from hard labour!

Our chocolate revolution

Ethically sourced cacao.
Locally handcrafted.
Sustainable epic delicious chocolate, tea and treats!