Hot chocolate mix


Our hot chocolate mix allows you to make homemade hot chocolates when you want, in less than two minutes. Our mixture is actually powdered chocolate that you add to a cup of hot milk (vegan milk is great too, especially oatmilk). Stir vigorously with a whisk to froth your hot drink. And hop … the magic happens.

This mixture was born from our homemade recipe that we offer in our Villeray workshop. Our customers asked us to make them a memorable hot chocolate mix like the one we serve them daily. Here’s our secret: the mix includes our 70% Tumaco and 70% Kallari with a touch of cocoa powder from Tanzania’s Kokoa Kamili coop. You will have all the smoothness of our chocolate in addition to the deep aromas of fruits, caramel and nuts in your cup.


Made in Montreal from scratch.


Cacao, organic sugar, cacao powder, salt.


100% plant-based.

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