Drinking chocolate – Classic


What’s more comforting than a hot chocolate?

We crafted for you THE ultimate drinking chocolate, one that will bring you back to your childhood. Mixing our handmade bean-to-bar dark chocolate with a touch of nostalgia is our secret recipe for a deeply decadent and smooth cup. Surprise your palate with this rich and intense journey of flavour. 

Our drinking chocolate allows you to make homemade drinking chocolates when you want, in less than two minutes. Our mixture is actually stone grounded chocolate that you add to a cup of hot milk (especially oatmilk).

This recipe was born from our homemade recipe that we offer in our Villeray workshop. Our customers asked us to make them a memorable drinking chocolate mix like the one we serve them daily. Enjoy the smoothness of our chocolate in addition to the deep aromas of fruits, caramel and nuts in your cup.

Drinking chocolate directions 
  • 100ml oat milk preferably or any other type
  • 50ml water
  • 3 tbsp (30g) chocolate mix for an intense drink or 2 for a more delicate drink.

Step 1 : Warm up milk, water and chocolate together.

Step 2 : Whisk vigorously until it gets even and a nice foam on the top appears (can be done with a frother, a whisk, or even shaking in a closed jar)

Step 3 : Add sugar if needed and enjoy.


Made in Montreal from scratch.


Cacao, organic sugar, cacao powder, salt.


100% plant-based.

Additional information

Weight: 150g

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Hail to the bean!

Glorious cacao.

We hustle to find some of the best cacao in the world, but first and foremost we want to partner up with awesome farmers who fight to preserve the astonishing biodiversity of the tropics.
cacao et fermière

From bean to bar. Always.

We hand-sort every single cacao beans. We roast it in tiny batches. We grind it for days in our stone ground melangeur. It is somewhat old school, but great chocolate comes from hard labour!

Our chocolate revolution

Ethically sourced cacao.
Locally handcrafted.
Sustainable epic delicious chocolate, tea and treats!


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