Special edition: Dark milk 55% – Gingerbread


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This gingerbread crumble is our version of Christmas.

Our pastry chefs made a special gingerbread crumble with an incredible touch of spices. It won’t let you down.

The crumble is onto the back of the dark milk chocolate bar. I have to say every bite is like a time machine that goes straight back to your childhood. Like Marty McFly, you will travel in time with this chocolate bar. No DeLorean is needed for this trip…it’s way too easy right?!

Bon voyage ;-)


Tasting notes

Cloves, Toffee, Ginger.


Dark milk 55% (Organic cacao beans, Organic cane sugar, Powdered milk, Cocoa butter), butter, wheat flour, brown sugar, organic cane sugar, ginger, ginger powder, cinnamon, salt, jamaica pepper, clove.

Additional infos

Weight: 65g | Cacao: 55% | Origin: Kallari- Ecuador


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Glorious cacao.

We hustle to find some of the best cacao in the world, but first and foremost we want to partner up with awesome farmers who fight to preserve the astonishing biodiversity of the tropics.
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We hand-sort every single cacao beans. We roast it in tiny batches. We grind it for days in our stone ground melangeur. It is somewhat old school, but great chocolate comes from hard labour!

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