Limited Edition: Tumaco 72% + Cirka Gin + Orange


Here’s the first cocktail dark chocolate bar made 100% in Quebec. A huge and beautiful challenge for our team but with an amazing result.

This chocolate bar is certainly a memorable one with these floral and citrus aromas.  Tumaco beans were chosen for their caramelized and malted aromas that we mixed with pure Navy Strength Cirka Gin. Our friend’s from Cirka did an amazing job with that gin which makes it even more fun for us. Why Cirka Distilleries ? Well, like us with cacao beans, they craft all their products from the grain to the bottle.

Their gin is wonderful with aromas of elderberry and orange. A real pleasure with our Tumaco 72%.

Enjoy this gem !

Tasting notes

Orange, Elderberry and Malt .


Cacao, Organic cane sugar, Cirka Gin, Cocoa butter and Dried orange.


100% natural and vegan.

Additional infos/

Poids: 65g | Cacao: 72% | Origin: Colombia

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